Can you afford not to be insured?

Unpaid healthcare expenses are the major cause of bankruptcy in this country.  I work with small business owners who want to find affordable health benefits for their employees along with individuals without health coverage at work, who have coverage but it doesn’t include a spouse or children, or who have exhausted COBRA or Oregon Continuation coverage. I also provide Medicare Health Care Insurance for Seniors.

Open Enrollment for 2015

Open enrollment is the most important time in the annual cycle of health insurance renewal for both individual plans and medicaid.  Click here to learn more about open enrollment.

Why work with Insurance Solutions NW?

The world of health insurance can be confusing. The product is complicated and very personal. My mission is to free people from the confusing world of insurance.

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Working with me costs no more than going directly to an insurance company, so it makes sense to tap into my experience and expertise. (The insurance company pays Insurance Solutions NW a commission for bringing your business to them.) Why not put me to work today to objectively review the options available to you and find the plan that fits your needs and your budget. To get started, simply call me at (503) 789-7217 or click here to contact me via email.

Are you a small business owner worried about losing your top-performers because you can’t afford to provide health benefits?

Most likely you will be able to afford to provide employee benefits to your staff without paying a fortune. I can help you to choose among several plans especially suited to small businesses. You will be surprised!

Are you self-employed and tired of paying your health insurance premium with after tax dollars?

If your self-employed businesses employs more than the owner, you may qualify as an Oregon Small Business and have access to group insurance plans. In contrast, if your business employs only you, you’ll need an individual or family health insurance plan. Please click here to know more.

What you need to know about minimizing the costs of your health insurance.

Health Insurance can be expensive, but with the right planning you can control those costs while still having acceptable benefits and quality of service. I can show you how increasing the amount of your deductible, adjusting the out-of-pocket maximum etc. can sensibly reduce the premiums. Click here to learn more about the “5 Techniques to Lower Your Employee Benefit Costs”. I am happy to explore your options, so call me at (503) 789-7217 or via email for a FREE quote or a FREE insurance review.