Whether you need help dealing with large company issues, or an employee has a legal matter come up, it may be comforting to know your company is taken care of. Before making any major decision for your business, run it by your Legalshield appointed law firm without the worry of extra cost. Starting at just $39.99, you can have up to 10 employees be covered under this plan. Keep you employees safe and your company safe from legal matters that may arise. Let our legal team's top-quality lawyers handle the background work, allowing you and your employees to stay at work and on task. Want business consulting? It's included in your business plan. Contact us to get your company set up with a legal plan. 

Self Employed?

Using the Home Business Supplement plan, you can receive the same services as if you were a large business. Gain access to business consulting and document review, allowing you to build your business with the help of legal advice. The Home Business Supplement is an additional $9.95 after purchasing an individual/family policy for $19.95.


Small Biz 10 - Covers businesses with 10 or fewer employees for just $39.99/month
Small Biz 50 - 50 or fewer employees for just $89.99/month
Small Biz 100 - 100 or fewer employees for just $149.99/month

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 Here are other reasons business owners have turned to LegalShield:

  • I suspect an employee to be committing fraud
  • My employees need help with personal issues that are taking them away from work
  • I am considering bankruptcy
  • A customer demanded a refund out of warranty, I needed help
  • I was looking to hire employees for the first time
  • I had clients who were delinquent on payments, my legal team sent letters to help me receive that income
  • A disgruntled employee spread falsities about my company all over the internet
  • And much more...
  • My company renewed its business lease
  • I was thinking of expanding my business, but needed a legal opinion
  • My company was audited
  • I was unsure how to handle a customer complaint
  • My business bought new equipment, and it didn't work
  • A customer was injured on my property
  • Employee/Customer data was compromised
  • A vendor/company did not hold up his/her end of our agreement
  • My business was broken into

Click the Logo to learn more, or sign up

Click the Logo to learn more, or sign up