Legal plans allow you and your family to have 24/7 access to quality attorneys for any personal matter. At just under $20/month, our legal plans will help keep your family safe at a fraction of attorney standard fees. IDShield keeps your identity safe from fraudulent behavior causing harm to your life. It will monitor your accounts and assist with issues that may come up. You will have access to an unlimited number of legal matters; LegalShield and IDShield will assist you the best way possible. Use for any personal situation, no matter how big or small. Resolve an unlimited number of legal or identity fraud issues without the hassle of handling it on your own, or paying an arm and a leg.


Individual IDShield - $9.95/month
Family IDShield - $19.95/month


Individual Legalshield Plan - $17.95/month ($10 enrollment fee)
Family Legalshield Plan - $19.95/month ($10 enrollment fee)
Home Business Supplement - $9.95/month (Self-employed only)

Here's what some of our customers are using their legal plan for:

  • My livestock trampled my neighbors garden

  • I needed help with credit card liability resolution

  • I was wrongly accused of committing a crime

  • My car was vandalized in a parking lot

  • I was buying a car and had a legal review of the lease agreement

  • A store wouldn't offer me a full refund for my purchases

  • I had a property line dispute with a neighbor

  • And much, much more...

  • I needed to update my Will

  • I was Selected for an Audit

  • I received a speeding ticket

  • I am buying/selling my home and wanted a legal review

  • I was tired of hidden fees on my internet/phone bills

  • My drivers license was suspended

  • A friend or neighbor was injured on my property

  • My landlord did not return my security deposit

  • My son threw a ball into a neighbors car window

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