Insurance Solutions NW Commitment

We are committed to staying connected to you, and supporting local community. Insurance carriers are interested in keeping consumers connected to a broker too. Our relationship adds value by providing you service on and off-renewal, reinforcing the many changes in the insurance industry, and at no additional cost to you. By choosing us as your broker/agent of record we can be paid by your insurance company, and you are supporting local business. Whether you have a simple question or would like to get a free quote, simply call (503) 789-7217 or click here to send us an email.

Client Testimonials

We have all different types of wage earners in our company, some living in Washington and some in Oregon, Karen was the first agent who was able to find a plan that was a good fit for all our employees!
Karen works very hard on getting us the best plan at the best rates possible. She helps educate me to help me make an informed decision.
I don’t know a lot about insurance, whenever someone needs to sign up, I call Karen and she comes right out and does it for me.
Your guidance was right on; thanks for your help and advice, without it (and you) I’d be lost in the insurance labyrinth!
After my COBRA ran out, I needed real help getting quality health insurance. Karen really knows the ‘ins and outs’ of health care insurance and was able to help me find coverage.
Karen was our guide through the opaque world of Insurance. She explained the different policies, listened to our needs, and advised us on which ones would be the best fit. If any adjustments needed to be made, she was our point in working with both public and private agencies. We came out of our insurance selection process confident that we were making informed decisions. Karen is a true advocate for her clients.
Karen has been very helpful in keeping us up to date on our medical insurance needs. She has worked very hard for our business, and always comes through when needed. I would highly recommend any business owner that needs employee medical coverage to contact Karen.